Paul Leondis
Ornamental Horticulture
phone: 510-649-0993
email: info (at) leondis (dot) com

Gardening and plant collecting have been major interests for most of my life. I specialise in monocots and cryptogams (for instance palms, bulbs, bamboos, restios, agaves, grass trees and ferns) and other plants that show radial symmetry (like cycads), but I have many other types of plants as well. Set up an appointment to let me show you what these types of plants could do for your garden or interior!

If you are looking for a unique landscape contractor or advisor, I may be able to help. I aim to provide the best possible environment for the plants you grow, whatever they may be.

I have done quite a bit of custom irrigation and automation, whether for the greenhouse or the landscape. General electrical work, plumbing and minor construction can also be accommodated.